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‘Ozark Dragon’ (Fireplace Sculpture) and ‘Confluence’ (Bellhop Sculpture)
By Chris Morrey
Chris is a Canadian sculptor who lived and worked all over North America before making his home in Columbia, Missouri. He has been deeply influenced by ancient Chinese and Japanese arts, as well as European ornamental styles. Ozark Dragon combines these influences with an aerial view of Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks to create a grand steel dragon for the Broadway Hotel.

‘Flutter’ (Capen Room)
By Dawson Morgan
This work consists of sculptural stoneware pieces that incorporate shadow as a design component. Jennifer Perlow created the visual concept with Morgan’s studio work in mind. Dawson added, “As an artist, I was inspired by the project right from the start. Jennifer Perlow’s appreciation for the elegant shapes and shadow in my work served as a muse throughout the process. It is a joint project from my perspective, completely Jennifer’s idea that I played out three dimensionally.”

‘Home of Suns’ (Elevator Bay)
By Bob Hartzell
Bob Hartzell is a printmaker and light sculptor, who is active in community arts and education. He grew up in a series of small Missouri towns as he followed his education administrator father from school to school. After starting graduate school at Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book and Paper Arts, he was lured to the University of Missouri to study fibers with Jo Stealey and the opportunity to teach and restart the silkscreen program at Mizzou. While completing the work for his MFA, he was active in the local community – volunteering for numerous local organizations including the True/False Film Festival, Access Arts, Columbia Art League, and the Blue Bird Music and Art Festival. Bob moved to St. Louis a few years ago, but continues to be active in the local arts community.

‘Downtown Details’ (Restrooms)
By Amy Bruer
Originally from Missouri, it took living somewhere else for Amy to gain a real appreciation of the rich history of the state. She spent ten years in Las Vegas, Nevada pursuing degrees in photography and filmmaking. Since returning to Missouri and settling in Columbia, she began pursuing an education in photojournalism.

For this piece, she wanted to bring a fresh visual perspective to the viewer and show them details usually overlooked. This piece celebrates the intersection of new and old.

Downtown Columbia tells a story of past and present, making way for the new while retaining its historic structures. These photos continue the story allowing architectural details from our past to become design details of our present.

‘Desk Art’
By Corey Hale Ransberg and Chelse Myers
The photograph is a collaboration between two crazy local photographers. This is the view from the rooftop of The Broadway Hotel. It was tweaked to create the vibrant feeling that comes from living through a lens in Columbia. It has been printed on metal to emphasize the luminescence of the mid-summer sky.

By EL Woodworks
EL Woodworks is a small, family woodworking company. They design and handcraft wood wall art, furniture, and home decor. All of their unique woodworks are handmade with extra care. They have a workshop in Portland, MI.

‘Drink Odyssey’ (Elevator Bay Art) and ‘Cosmopolis’ (Drink Rail)
By Lizzie Bryan and Maura Mudd
Lizzie Bryan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a multimedia artist, and owner of Easily Distracted Art Collaborative, which she started in 2008. She has lived in Santa Cruz and Colorado Springs, but currently resides in Columbia. Her art centers around creating bright and colorful large scale installations using a variety of materials. Her graffiti and stencil works here are a collaboration with graphic designer Maura Mudd.

Maura Mudd is a local graphic artist who draws inspiration from music, street art, and subculture. After graduating with a degree in graphic design in 2004, she moved to Columbia and began doing freelance work under the business name Miz Mudd Design; which specializes in bold eye-catching visual imagery. Together with Lizzie Bryan of Easily Distracted Art Collaborative, they created the two murals featured in the rooftop bar using layers of spray paint and unique arrangement of stencils.

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