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Our Chef de Cuisine, Ben Randolph, is a certified Chef de Cuisine with the American Culinary Federation and recipient of multiple awards for his talents with both food and wine. With over 15 years of experience in culinary arts, Chef Ben is an industry expert with a diverse history. His broad range of experiences includes holding leadership positions in both kitchens and dining rooms, and spans from fine dining in some of the country’s best restaurants to large-scale food service operations. While high-quality casual dining has been an area of focus for Ben, other experiences have included a country club, neighborhood tavern, gourmet deli, and a wine bar. Most notably Ben was Executive Chef at Columbia’s beloved Trattoria Strada Nova for several years.Over the course of his career Chef Ben has crafted a unique perspective on food and dining that you will likely find both delicious and entertaining. The experiences he has obtained over the years have refined his creative vision and given him an understanding of the importance of the overall dining experience. Ben believes that dining experiences are equally as important as cooking experiences in a chef’s development. Taking into consideration how one course affects another, how a meal can tell a story, or a dish’s ability to evoke emotion, Ben often draws a parallel between kitchens and movie sets. Chef Ben sees the chef as being the director, a tasting menu as being a script, and the ingredients as the actors. His passion for creating dishes built on a foundation of synergetic flavor pairings is at the core of his creative efforts. His pension for unique presentations and unexpected flavor pairings are integral in the design of our menus.



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