Climate Protection Agreement Awards and LEED Certification

IMG_0797 We are pleased to welcome the Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement Awards! This year is the inaugural year of the awards, recognizing businesses going above and beyond in the world of sustainability – doing their part to make the community a better place to live. As a LEED-certified establishment, we are thrilled to be hosts, especially on‪ Earth Day 2015‬ It’s our turn to step up and be LEEDers. Broadway Hotel achieved these milestones in the LEED effort:
Exemplary Development Density – the hotel exceeded the baseline development density in this credit by more than double.  This limits urban sprawl and allows better neighborhood walkability.
Public Transportation Access – Within 1/4 mile of the city bus station and several bus lines, the hotel allows easy access to the city without the use of a car.
Bicycle Access – the hotel provided bike racks for customers and employees, as well as showers allowing employees to freshen up after a summer ride to work.  Bicycling reduces the negative impacts of transportation in many ways, and helps people remain healthy.

Water Efficiency – The hotel achieved a 31% reduction in water use indoors, as well as eliminating outdoor irrigation through the use of native and adapted plantings.
Energy Efficiency – The hotel achieved a 21% reduction in energy cost, and a 15% reduction in energy use.  Total energy use intensity is 127 kBTU/Square Foot.
Construction Waste – The project recycled 80% of all construction waste, diverting it from the landfill to recycling or clean fill sites.
Regional Materials – The project purchased 14% of materials from local sources, improving the local economy.
Indoor Environmental Quality – The hotel achieved all 4 points in the low-emitting materials category, eliminating irritating or allergenic chemicals from the indoor environment.
Overall the project achieved 41 points, qualifying it for LEED certification.

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